• Eat crow

Eat Crow

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EATING CROW Kensington Brasserie owners Cam Dombranski and Jacqueline Warrell were planning on revamping the restaurant before COVID hit, but the closure provided the perfect opportunity to [...]

  • eggplant


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By Ellen Kelly The eggplant, or aubergine, was once thought to be poisonous. This striking fruit (more specifically, and botanically, a berry) was initially greeted with much [...]

  • Roys korean kitchen

Roy’s Korean Kitchen

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KOREAN BBQ - BY YOU One of our favourite finds during the spring “takeout and delivery phase” was Roy’s Korean Kitchen’s Korean Barbecue Meal Kit for Four. [...]

  • Wild Tea Kombucha

Wild Tea Kombucha

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WET AND WILD We love the new Blueberry Hibiscus Hard Kombucha Hard Cider by Wild Tea Kombucha. This female-owned-and-operated, Calgary-based team brews its booch using authentic methods [...]