From sweet to savoury, we are lucky to have so many delectable pastries to choose from in Calgary. Here are 10 must-try treats the next time you’re craving something sweet, flaky and delicious.

Jam Croissants – Black Sheep Patisserie

Dulce de Leche Kouign Amann – La Boulangerie

Chocolate Danish Twists – Good Earth Café

Pastel de Nata – Nata Boys

Key Lime Pie – Pie Junkie

1. Jam Croissants – Black Sheep Patisserie

The jam croissants at Black Sheep are not only delicious, they are also gorgeous. Available in a variety of flavours, these colourful croissants are filled with house-made jam, while the crispy outside are striped in brilliant colours hinting at what’s inside.

2. Mille Feuille – Yann Haute Patisserie

The French classic, mille-feuille at Yann Haute is composed of caramelized puff pastry with Madagascar vanilla bean cream. Those with nut allergies can rejoice at this nut-free delight and you can get a large cake to share or sneak a sweet bite all to yourself with a creamy latte.

3. Dulce de Leche Kouign Amann – La Boulangerie

You can find buttery layers of dough with dulce de leche and coconut at La Boulangerie with their dulce de leche kouign amann. Originating from the Breton region in France, kouigin amann translates to butter cake in the Breton language. While it resembles a croissant, this pastry employs carmelized sugar on top for a delightful crisp.

4. Pandan Coconut Croissants – Butter Block

Vibrant green croissant dough made with the sweetness and colour of Pandan can be found at Butter Block and their pandan coconut croissants. The pastry is filled with their homemade coconut paste. Using pandan leaves rather than extract, the pastry maintains both the flavour and the colour of this popular southeast Asian plant.

5. Triple Cheese Croissant – Bread Culture

Cheese AND pastry? Yes, please! A trip down to Bread Culture is in order. Their triple cheese croissant is made with cheddar, mozzarella and Gruyere and does everything croissants and cheese are meant to do…only better together.

6. Chocolate Danish Twists – Good Earth Café

Calgary-born Good Earth Café has chocolate Danish twists. This butter puff pastry is filled with silky pastry cream and dark chocolate chips. It’s the perfect size for “I just want a little something,” and goes superbly with a cup of dark roast.

7. Samba Cake – Manuel Latruwe

Do you know what tastes great together? Chocolate and almonds. That’s not news. What might be news to you is that the samba individual cake from Manuel Latruwe is a chocolate lover’s dream.  Almond chocolate cake is covered in milk- and dark-chocolate mousse.

8. Pastel de Nata – Nata Boys

Nata is the cream that thickens and congeals from boiling raw or non homogenized milk. It’s naturally sweet, creamy and silky. Enjoy a taste of Portugal with authentic pastel de data from the Nata Boys. Nata Boys bakes artisan custard pastries daily in small batches without preservatives or hydrogenated oils to ensure consistency in the quality, freshness and taste of our Portuguese tarts. These custard pastries are made to order and must be ordered in advance.

9. Key Lime Pie – Pie Junkie

The sweet and savoury pies at Pie Junkie are made by hand with an all-butter crust. Their key lime pie is made with freshly squeezed lime juice and hand zested lime. Did you know that key limes are smaller, bolder tasting and less acidic than a standard lime? You do now!

10. Earl Grey White Chocolate Croissant – Sucre Café

While practically famous for their almond croissant, the Earl Grey white chocolate from Sucre Café is also divine and perfect for any tea lover. The buttery croissant is filled with a creamy Earl Grey pastry cream, dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with Earl Grey tea, which is black tea infused with the oil of a bergamot rind.