As we celebrate the life of England’s longest-ruling monarch, Savour Calgary rounds up 10 royal restaurants where you can eat your feelings and drown your sorrows. Here’s to the Queen.

1, Queen’s Breakfast Cocktails

This was, of course, an obvious choice, but there’s no better way to toast the Queen than with a cocktail over breakfast at one of our favourite eateries. 

2, Victoria’s (now pigeonhole)

Once upon a time, the building that houses Pigeonhole was known as Victoria’s and was a favourite LGBTQ2IA+ hangout in the ‘90s. Victoria was Elizabeth’s great-great grandmother and Pigeonhole has a great-great seafood platter called….Victoria’s! 

3, Empire Provisions

While it’s not the British Empire, Empire Provisions is set on world domination, one link at a time. Started as a sausage company, Empire is now a full mini market stocked with hand-made meals, locally prepared butchery specialties, fine wines and a curated selection of products from Alberta food artisans.

4, Britannia Kitchen and Home

Wikipedia tells us that Brittania is the personification of the British Empire as a helmeted female warrior armed with a trident and a shield. You won’t find a trident at Britannia Kitchen and Home, but you’ll very likely find a fork, which is, in our opinion, close enough. 

5. British Banger Company and The British Chippy

In England, sausages are called bangers and headbangers are called…well, headbangers. Regardless, Okotoks is home to a disproportionately large contingent of British expats (what’s going on there, anyway?) so it’s no surprise these two staples showed up on Elizabeth (!!) Street. 

6. Calcutta Cricket Club

The incoming king Charles is a jolly big fan of cricket…wait…maybe it was polo. Either way, he would no doubt enjoy a meal at this Calgary favourite. At the very least, he could treat himself to a delicious cocktail and raise a glass to his mum.

7. Common Crown

Elizabeth was anything but common…she sat on the throne for more than 70 years! But when it comes to royal-themed foodstuff in YYC, we couldn’t ignore this gem, whose Ploughman Wheat is a favourite around here. Fun fact: I went to junior high with founders Andrew and Damon in Airdrie. 

8. Harry’s Natural Meats

It turns out that Harry’s Natural Meats owner and master butcher Alex Ross did not name his shop after the renegade royal grandson. Harry is his dad’s name. And his son’s name. Which makes way more sense. Folks in the deep south are super lucky to have this Mahogany-based master butcher in their neck of the woods.

9. Regina’s Fine Meats

Regina is latin for queen and the city to the east is named after Queen Victoria, who we’ve already established was Elizabeth’s great-great grandmother. Regina’s Fine Meats in the Crossroads market is named after…checks notes…has no notes. Well, to be honest, I’ve never been there. But I’m going because they seem like very nice people who know their prosciutto.   

10. Pig and Duke

As a nod to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, we round out the round up with the Pig and Duke Pub. Like any authentic British pub, The Pig and Duke has great,,,wild boar taquitos. Yeah, it’s a stretch, but when you get to 10, you’re pretty hungry and need a snack.