Find some shade and beat the heat when it’s hot outside by sipping any of these 12 Iced Drinks to enjoy this Summer in Calgary.

Nutella lovers can rejoice with the Iced Nutella Latte from Deville Coffee. Espresso blended with Nutella and served over ice.

Head on over to La Boulangerie Bakery Cafe for an Iced Oat Matcha Latte. Made with oat milk and matcha, this drink will keep you cool and alert.

You can find a Grilled Pineapple Iced Tea at Good Trade Coffee Company in Kensington. Black tea with house-made grilled pineapple simple syrup served on ice.

If you like coconut, the Iced Coconut Latte at Monogram Coffee is one to try. House-made coconut syrup with coconut milk and sugar, your choice of milk served with espresso and topped with toasted coconut.

The Italian Centre Shop is serving up Kimbo Crema, a creamy coffee slushy. It’s like a Frosty with coffee.

Mango and matcha are paired in Rosso Coffee Roaster’s Iced Mango Matcha Latte. Sweet mango puree with creamy oat milk and smooth matcha.

If you like your coffee with a little something extra, the Kentucky coffee at Espresso Café is for you. Made with rum, kahlua, coffee and vanilla extract and topped with whipped cream.

Grab a rich cold drip styled latte at Z Crew Cafe and their icy drink, On the Rocks. Frozen cubes of espresso are served with milk of your choice on the side.

Coffee and ice cream make a great combination. Euphoria Café serves up Australian Iced Coffee with espresso, milk, vanilla and a scoop of ice cream.

Tea drinkers will love the Iced London Fog from Analog Coffee. Made with earl grey tea served over ice, this drink hits the spot.

Phil & Sebastian is changing all the rules with their Black and Tonic. Made from black coffee, black cherry juice and tonic water, this summer drink is rich and refreshing.

The Alley is serving up dessert in a cup with their Crunch Tiramisu Milk. This concoction of milk, chewy pearls and mascarpone cream is topped with a crunchy biscuit topping.

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