Photo: Omakase

More and more restaurants are offering Omakase menus in Calgary. Omakase literally means “I leave the details to you” letting the chef choose the right menu for you to enjoy. Here are a few places where you can leave the menu up to the professional, and you can just sit back and enjoy your meal.

100, 1130 Kensington Rd. N.W.

Located in Kensington, Satsuki is new on the culinary scene. Their chef’s menu is available daily at 5pm and 7pm and is served with seasonal fish, seafood, vegetables and house-made dessert.

631 Confluence Way S.E.

Nupo, from Chef Darren Maclean, has a six-seat sushi bar where you can enjoy the Omakase Sushi Experience. Their menu includes up to 5 seasonal snacks, up to 15 pieces of sustainably sourced nigiri along with butter roasted miso soup and dessert.

Sho Sushi
7212 Macleod Trail S.E.

Experience an 11-course dinner with Chef Taira Osumi at Sho Sushi. The various courses include sashimi, sushi, handroll, wagyu, soup, ramen and dessert.

414, 3rd St. S.W.

Kabuku offers a 5 course omakase menu, either at a table or at the sushi bar. The experience includes both cooked dishes and sushi and may include once in a lifetime dishes.

2016 4th St. S.W.

Shokunin offers a Yakitori Omakase Experience. You are seated in front of the binchotan grill where you can watch each piece of yakitori grilled over white oak charcoal. The 12 courses include sushi and sashimi, 6-plus courses of yakitori and kushiyaki, chicken consommé, finishing off with dessert.