The Banff Tea Cocktail Trail

Banff’s summer season has become even more intoxicating as two iconic establishments, Jolene’s Tea House and PARK Distillery, have joined forces to unveil an exciting and innovative beverage offering in one of Canada’s most beloved travel destinations. The Banff Cocktail Trail introduces guests to the art of tea-infused cocktails, adding an extraordinary touch to their visit to Canada’s oldest national park.

Starting at PARK Distillery, visitors will immerse themselves in an interactive tour of the only distillery nestled within a Canadian national park. Learn about the meticulous process of crafting small-batch spirits sourced from glacier water originating from six majestic Rocky Mountain glaciers and Alberta grains grown on high-altitude family farms.

With seven Banff Hospitality Collective restaurants sharing the magic of tea-infused cocktails, visitors can embark on a self-guided cocktail crawl through the heart of downtown Banff.

Be sure to conclude your visit to Banff with a stop at Jolene’s Tea House and explore over 60 varieties of tea, including all the blends featured on the Banff Cocktail Trail, as well as delightful locally made gifts and treasures.