YYC Kitchen & Bar

YYC Pasta Bar, YYC Kitchen + Bar and YYC Patisserie owner Yash Sharma expresses his appreciation and gratitude to the people of Calgary for their continued support.

YYC Kitchen + Bar

Following fast on the heels of two successful restaurants, restaurateur Yash Sharma recently opened YYC Kitchen + Bar on Memorial Dr. and a third YYC Pasta Bar in Douglasdale. Sharma says the pasta bars have allowed him to combine his passion for Italian food and the diverse culinary skills he acquired while working on cruise ships. YYC Kitchen + Bar combines global cuisines with a welcoming atmosphere fusing international flavours and local ingredients. YYC Patisserie, (right next to the new YYC Pasta Bar) his newest creation, is a love story about his passion for food, gratitude towards a supportive community and, well, a pretty tasty brunch.

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