ukrainian bakery and coffee shop

The Ukrainian Bakery and Coffee Shop brings a taste of Ukraine to Calgary and stands as a true homage to Ukraine’s rich culinary traditions.

Ukrainian Bakery and Coffee Shop

Located in Canyon Meadows, Ukrainian Bakery and Coffee Shop stands as a culinary bridge to Ukraine’s rich traditions. Owners Daniyar Rafikov and Yuliya Rafikova draw on years of experience, including successful ventures in Ukrainian cuisine in Kazakhstan. Their commitment to authenticity shapes every dish, a commitment that is reflected in their team – a diverse group of chefs representing the distinct tastes of Ukraine’s various provinces. In the kitchen, they make everything from scratch including the well-loved honey cake, an array of pies, sweet pastries, pierogi and hearty Ukrainian main dishes. More than just a simple café and eatery, this charming venue invites you to immerse yourself in a gastronomic exploration of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Bakery and Coffee Shop | 1049 Canyon Meadows Dr. S.W. | 587.834.6745 | IG: @ukrainian_bakery_calgary