Linvers Atelier Tea & Coffee

When we arrived at Linvers Atelier Tea & Coffee we were greeted by owner and tea specialist Josh Linvers, an articulate, poised, and well-spoken individual in a chocolate brown flat cap. Josh enthusiastically invites us to “have tea with him,” carefully selecting the tea, preparing the water and vessel before pouring us a cup. As we sit and chat, he takes us on a journey across time and space filled with tea leaves, history and chance meetings. During his tenure as a wine sommelier at the now closed Q Haute Cuisine, Josh was encouraged to research a non-alcoholic beverage option for restaurant patrons. This is when his passion for tea evolved and he spent eight years studying tea, the notion of tasting consciously, learning how to describe taste and smell and becoming a tea sommelier. His tea shop is quietly tucked behind Song Huong Vietnamese in a strip mall. It’s a small space filled with reference materials like books, maps, tasting notes, Japanese and Chinese ceramics and a large round table ready for an impromptu lesson, booked tasting class or conversation. Anyone can stop by for a hot tea or coffee to go, tea leaves for home brewing or an educational chat. If you have a tea lover in your life, we recommended dropping in. Open Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Linvers Atelier Tea and Coffee | Bay 6, 2915 19th St. N.E. | 403.453.5283 |

Editor’s note: Linvers Atelier Tea and Coffee has permanently closed (early 2023)