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The new year is finally upon us and we, like many others, are happy to say adios 2020. We are starting the new year full of optimism and hope that life will return to some sort of normalcy. We continue to focus on community and the creative locals who manage to stay fresh and innovative in the toughest of times.

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The Spice Merchant

Stephen Gollan is a travel photographer and blogger who dabbled in kitchens at an early age as a sous chef. His passion for traveling led him around the world learning more about spices and meeting local farmers. Upon returning home to Calgary, he began blending and selling the spices he brought back with him. Interest in these blends and success as a photographer meant more traveling and to date, Gollan has traveled to more than 100 countries, built relationships with farmers during his travels, and imports more than 300 whole spices. He and his mom, Mary Gollan, blend the spices in Calgary offering a variety of unique combinations through their small shop in the Crossroads Market. The Spice Merchant highlights include Ethiopian bebere, Sumatra rendang, West African jollof, Georgian svaneti spice, and Afghanistan char. A few of the whole spices you can try are Kampot red pepper, Icelandic arctic thyme salt, grains of Selim and Greek mastic. A story accompanies each spice blend making it even more interesting. Questions? Ask any of the team members working the booth in the market or send a query online.

The Spice Merchant | | $6.00 – $44.99