If you’re lucky enough to know someone from the East Coast, you may have had the pleasure of a seafood boil. Thanks to Calgary’s new Backyard Boil, you no longer need an exclusive invite to experience the fun and flavour of a boil in your own backyard. Complete with seafood, potatoes, corn, spices and even the pot to cook it all in, all you need is a fire, grill or burner and you will soon be spilling your steaming bounty over the plastic table cover (provided) and tying your lobster bib (also provided) around your neck. We had so much fun preparing and eating this feast, which could easily feed six people. The basic package includes shrimp, mussels, scallops, spicy sausage and all of the accompaniments for $149. You can also add crab, lobster, scampi and more for an additional charge. It was messy, spicy, delicious and the perfect thing to enjoy with friends and family in the backyard as we start to return to being together once again. Available through North Sea Fish and Farms and the Backyard Boil website.