Marko’s Kitchen

Serbia’s vibrant culture comes alive at Marko’s Kitchen in South Calgary.

Indulge in smoky ćevapi sausages, a national treasure, nestled in pillowy lepinja bread, a staple that evokes cozy Serbian kitchens.

Hidden Gem: Marko’s Kitchen

Founded by Serbian expat Zika Pavlovic and named for his son, Marko’s Kitchen is a delightful hidden gem near Chinook Centre. If you’re of Slavic ancestry, this must-visit eatery instantly evokes grandma’s (or Baka, or Baba or Babcia, whatever the case may be) kitchen. It’s warm, homey and smells delicious.

We started with Marko’s Rolls, which are what happens when spring rolls and meat pies come together in the most delicious way. They’re crispy and savoury and come on a schmeer of Marko’s signature kajmak – an unripened cheese similar to clotted cream and the perfect cooling accompaniment to the warm spices of the rolls.

Marko’s is best known for its ćevapi – and for good reason. Ćevapi or ćevapčići is grilled ground beef with a blend of simple spices and served on a chewy lepinja bread. Marko’s version is packed with savoury goodness with tender and juicy “patties” (similar to Greek keftedes) on the most wonderful, chewy bread. Served with kajmak and diced red onion, this sandwich blew us away. We didn’t quite know how to eat it (it’s enormous) but were coached by the friendly staff to pull the top part off, spread the kajmak, sprinkle the onion and use a knife and fork to cut the sausage patties.

We didn’t have time to enjoy a Turkish coffee, but will make the time on our next visit, because that dessert case looked exquisite.

Marko’s Kitchen | 5708 1st St. S.E. | 403.252.8328 | | @markoskitchen_yyc