Ewa Agoyin from Lopemis Kitchen

Africa boasts a wide range of culinary traditions across its vast continent. Thankfully, here in Calgary, we have the opportunity to enjoy many of these diverse flavours.

Whether you’re interested in dishes from the East, West, North, or South, you can indulge in these unique culinary experiences right here in our city.

Photo Credit: Ewa Agoyin from Lopemis Kitchen

Tiffin Curry & Roti House
Watch the roti being made at Tiffin Curry and Roti House. This East African restaurant has you covered for any curry cravings you may have. They have a variety of combos, and their grilled Choma Chicken is juicy and delicious. Grab a sparkling Vimto to go with your meal!

Flavours Restaurant
If you’re looking for authentic Nigerian cuisine, you will want to seek out Flavours. From pies (meat, fish or chicken) to pepper soup, they offer a vast selection of food from Western Africa. Be sure to try the Puff Puffs which are similar to a beignet.

Lopemis Kitchen
Lopemis Kitchen specializes in Ewa Agoyin, a popular street food enjoyed not only in Nigeria, but also in various other regions of Africa. The hearty stew features tender cooked beans mashed together with peppers, onion, ginger, dried chilies and oil.

Merilyn’s Kitchen
West African cuisine is on the menu at Merilyn’s Kitchen. It Is here that you will not only find the regional dish Fufu and Jollof rice, but also a wide variety of snacks. This hidden gem is tucked away in a strip mall in the northeast.

South African BBQ
If you’re looking for a taste of South Africa, check out South African BBQ in South Calgary. A must try is the Boerewors, a particular sausage that originates in South Africa. Dried meats as well as a variety of barbecued meats are also on the menu.

Abyssinia Restaurant
Located in downtown Calgary, is authentic Ethiopian food at Abyssinia. Their combo platter is a great way to try several dishes, all served with injera, the spongy flatbread used to eat with the stews and sop up any sauces. Enjoy an Ethiopian tradition by partaking in the coffee ceremony.

Sultan’s Tent
Grab a taste of Northern Africa and Morocco at Sultan’s Tent in Kensington. The ambience is stunning, and you can order a la carte or go all out and enjoy the six-course feast. Authentic dishes include couscous and meat and vegetables tagines.

Safari Grill
Located in Shorts Pants Plaza, Safari Grill has been around since 2005. If you’re looking for a taste of East Africa, this is the place to be. While spicy beef short ribs and fried mogo are always a favourite here, definitely check out their Safari Platter with skewers of beef, chicken and prawns. Excellent when paired with a Tusker beer.