Birria Tacos in Calgary

Birria Tacos gained notoriety during the pandemic and lucky for us, they are still all the rage. Birria is a traditional Mexican dish where the meat is slow cooked in a savoury flavourful stew until juicy and tender. Cooking low and slow makes the perfect stuffing for a tortilla that is pan-fried and then dipped in the broth.

There are a number of places around town where you can enjoy these flavour packed tacos.

birria taco

A1 Cantina
Located in Britannia, A 1 Cantina is brought to you by the same folks as Native Tongues. Tortillas are cooked in birria fat until the perfect balance between chewy versus crispy is reached with braised beef brisket, onions, cilantro and lime.

Con Mi Taco
Con Mi Taco
is a popular pop up in Meat and Bread on 9th Ave. Hand pressed corn tortillas are filled with chili braised beef with mozzarella cheese, onions and cilantro.

Moose & Poncho
Located in the First Street Market, Moose and Poncho brings serves authentic and traditional Mexican cuisine. Their birria tacos are filled with braised beef and served with a side of au jus.

Casa Catrina
Casa Catrina is a new family owned Mexican restaurant creating authentic cuisine using recipes they brought from Mexico. Birria tacos are on the menu and so is a daily limited supply of Birria Broth Soup.

Native Tongues
Opening in 2015, Native Tongues quickly became a popular Victoria Park eatery. The birria is made with beef brisket, adobo, red onions and cilantro. it’s served with a side of flavourful birria broth.

Please & Thanks
Newly opened Please & Thanks eatery offers birria tacos filled with braised beef or chicken, corn tortilla, mozzarella, onions and cilantro. Located in the Grain Exchange Building they prepare a variety of other birria items like ramen, burgers and nachos, available on Sundays only.

Taqueria El Charrito
Located on Edmonton Trail, Taqueria serves up their birria with shredded beef, cilantro, onions and salsa.

Tu Taco De La Calle
Located in Kensington, Tu Taco has a passion for Mexican street food. Their birria consists of cheese crusted corn tortilla stuffed with shredded braised beef, onions and cilantro and is served with consomé.

Uni Market
With a location in both South and North Calgary, Uni Market has all your Latin American ingredients and groceries covered. Birria tacos are available for dine-in from the hot bar, shipped as a ready to eat 3 pack, or in a build your own taco kit. Dine in and try the birria quesadilla served in corn tortillas with cheese, onions, cilantro and a side of broth.