Bohomylk and Rocky Mountain Tisane Company

Is it us, or has Calgary’s specialty beverage scene exploded this year? While many of us have drowned our pandemic sorrows in our terrific local microbrews and wine, others have a thirst or something a little healthier. Enter Bohomylk and Rocky Mountain Tisane – both in the Fresh and Local Market and Kitchens (formerly Avenida Food Hall.)rocky mountain tisane

Bohomylk is the creation of Czech expats Andrea Mele and Stepanka Drlikova, a pair of health-food fanatics who are out to localize the nut-milk offering in Calgary. Not only is shopping local for your nut milk good for the economy, but it’s also great for your body as Bohomylks contain only clean, pronounceable and nutrient-dense ingredients that are organic and locally sourced whenever possible. They avoid all artificial additives, preservatives, stabilizers and gums. We loved the raspberry and got to sample the last of the winter nog before it was put away for next season – make a point of getting it for your winter festivities this year.

Just down the hall from Bohomylk, you’ll find the Rocky Mountain Tisane Company. Tisane is any herbal infusion drink that doesn’t come from the tea plant or Camellia sinensis. Most of the herbal tea you drink is actually a tisane. But let’s not split hairs. Let’s instead enjoy a cold can of Rocky Mountain Tisane which is one of our favourite finds so far in 2021. Why? Because healthy, sugar-free, sweetener-free drinks that actually taste good are really ard to find. We loved the lemon ginger and hibiscus cinnamon. Cold steeped for up to two days, these teas pack way more flavour than your typical flavoured waters AND they’re locally made. Win/win.