Prairie Dog Brewing

Prairie Dog Brewing is a family-owned-and-operated craft microbrewery and barbecue restaurant that relishes in bringing people together over brews and barbecues. The team consists of Laura Coles, Gerad Coles, Tyler Potter, Sarah Goertzen and red-seal-certified Executive Chef Jay Potter who all manage day to day operations. Wanting to stand out from the pack, the team opted to focus on the barbecue food experience paired with its locally brewed beer. They took a leap of faith and purchased what they tell us is the biggest smoker in Canada, affectionately named “Clifford the Big Red Smoker,” which is capable of smoking 1800 lb of meat at a time. How they got it into the brewpub we will never know, but we can confirm the barbecue it makes is finger-licking good. The Prairie Dog team sources locally as much as possible including collaborations with Alberta malt companies, Rebel Bean Coffee, Philpott’s Honey Farm and Calgary’s Italian Bakery who uses the spent grain to create the house-baked brioche buns found on the menu. One of the things we love about this place besides the food and beer is the fact they pay staff fair wages. You will see signs advising a no-tip policy. Customers wishing to tip can donate to a staff fund contribution which gets paid out to everyone evenly on pay cheques. Go for the beer and stay for the barbecue.