Café Wisk is the product of a friendship-turned- partnership of former military medics Evan Dunn and Jordan Castrillon. Both avid keto eaters, the pair jumped on an opportunity to open Wisk as a way of sharing their passion for low-carb living. The inviting, sun- soaked space on 9th Avenue S.E. already has an air of community as customers pop in for a chat with the effusive Castrillon and a leanback – Wisk’s low- carb version of a cream doughnut or éclair. The thin pastry is merely a vehicle for the real treat: a thick, luxurious cream filling in vanilla butter cream, cocoa or lemon custard. We also tried the “bee’s cheese” panini – a cheese- lover’s dream – and the “Smurf turf” mushroom soup. Even a carb-loving eater will find a few delicious items on this menu on which everything is five net carbs or lower.