Mari Bakeshop

After numerous construction delays that were anything but a piece a cake, the (not-so) little neighbourhood bakery Mari Bakeshop is back in business. Part cafe, part bakery, part sandwich shop, Mari Bakeshop was a local fan-favourite for over five years in the East Village. But with no room to grow, owners Doug Gregory and Lauren Ahn decided to temporarily close shop in June 2021 to build a bigger, more efficient, 1,900-square-foot space at the base of the new Dominion Building in Bridgeland.

As former head baker and pastry chef (respectively) of Thomas Keller’s French Laundry in California, Gregory and Ahn know a thing or two about baking, not to mention how bakeries should operate. This duo, known for their croissants, artisanal bread, choux pastries and roll-cakes (an Asian-style sponge cake filled with flavoured cream), have built a stunning, state-of-the-art bakery artfully designed to maximize the experience for both their customers and their employees. Calm, minimal and inviting, every detail here has been carefully considered, from the Swedish rotating bread ovens to the optimal height of the display case, chosen to encourage conversation with customers. After touring this warm, bright space, we couldn’t help but picture ourselves sitting here in the sun, along the soaring floor-to-ceiling windows, basking in the warm glow of fresh-baked bread with a latte and roll-cake. Bliss!

Mari Bakeshop | 103 St. Matthew Square N.E. | 403.214.0629 |