A Name you can trust

Cal & Gary is the newest brand addition to Calgary Co-op grocery stores and based on the name of our city. The products feature ‘isms’ that Calgarians will understand and appreciate. For example, milk-chocolate raisins are sweet, like a game-seven victory. Chocolate bridge mix is finally a bridge we can agree on and kettle-cooked peanuts are nuttier than parade day traffic. The Artizan bread is crusty like rush hour on Deerfoot. You get the picture. Cal & Gary knows a thing or two about how Calgarians eat. A line-up of new items includes several of the well-known food items you love to buy and eat, like burgers, utilizing many locally sourced products. Founders & Farmers is the means to providing quality goods in the stores ensuring their products play a role in your food story. A local company, supporting local, bringing you the best of the best, this is what Calgary Co-op is all about.