It’s no secret we like cheese. It’s buttery, delicate, sharp, salty, tangy, even nutty and one small slice is all we need to satisfy a craving. We like to fondue, enjoy raclette and especially love getting to know the cheesemakers and mongers in Alberta. In this column, we’ve discovered monthly subscriptions and cheesemaking kits to create excitement and anticipation. Plus, we’ve sampled the most delicious freshly made curds and plant-based cheese that we challenge you to try, and we found a fun gift for the turophile in your life.

In this issue (and column) we are all about cheese. Be sure to check out local producer Crystal Springs Cheese making cheese and curds, and this cool gadget to wow your friends with, The Swissmar Girouette Cheese and Chocolate Curler. Treat yourself to a monthly cheese box subscription available from Bridgeland Market or dabble in delicious when you check out Glowfood Creamery Vegan Cheese.

Springbank Cheese Co.

Nothing is more satisfying than making something from scratch, whether it’s beer, wine, cocktails, kombucha, bread or even cheese. We’ve dabbled in ricotta making at home but have decided to up our game this year with cheesemaking kits from Make Cheese, based in Okotoks. Find these kits at any of the Springbank Cheese Co. stores in Calgary, although the Willow Park Village and Crowfoot locations might offer the biggest selection. Whet your appetite with the fresh mozzarella and ricotta kits or start your cheese-making adventure with a cream cheese kit. The poutine kit is perfect for those who love their curds and gravy. If you prefer more of a challenge, go for the cheddar or feta options. Kits like this are a good way to spend time with the family and learn a new skill. Keep practicing and you’ll be Cheddar in no time.

Cheesemaking Kits | Springbank Cheese Co. | $19.95 – $59.95 |