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Spring has sprung and we are soaking in the warm weather, planting our vegetable gardens and getting excited about summer. We’ve discovered some cool finds for this edition. A good jar of local honey deserves a bright, cheery honey pot. New tea towels featuring vegetables, plants, bees and flowers are beautiful left folded neatly on the counter after cleaning up messes from cocktail mixing. A long hard day of work, gardening or play, should always involved some sort of chocolate treats.

Ten Degrees Chocolate

Ten Degrees Chocolate co-owners Mark Roedel and Michelle Scott-Roedel are not strangers to hard work. They come from senior roles in oil and gas before dabbling in chocolate making. While contemplating new career options, both attended a chocolate conference in Seattle. It was this trip that sealed the deal, and after a few years of apprenticing, they opened Ten Degrees Chocolate. This bean-to-bar store processes the chocolate from raw bean to finished chocolate right in their shop. Then they elevate the experience with bars and bonbons, chocolate tastings, cafe beverages and bistro menu items, plus an assortment of baked goods including desserts made using the chocolate. This little shop has date night written all over it with AHS-approved events like chocolate pairings, paint ‘n’ sip, bean to bar chocolate making, and chef’s table evenings featuring local chef and business collaborations. The chocolate shoe immediately caught our eye and we predict it will be the chocolate lover’s accessory of 2021.

The Chocolate Shoe | Ten Degrees Chocolate | $55.00 |

Editors note: Ten Degrees Chocolate has permanently closed