• Little Chief Bison Charcuterie

Pasture to Plate

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A menu overhaul at Little Chief restaurant brings Indigenous culinary traditions to the forefront. Bison sourced from the Tsuut'ina Nation is the star, presented in a unique and delicious way. Photo Credit: [...]

  • Brandy Caffe

Coffee with the Neighbours

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Brandy Caffe is a special blend of Italian roast coffee and brandy, created by Cappuccino King and Bridgeland Distillery to celebrate Cappuccino King’s 50th anniversary. This Italian roast coffee meets award-winning brandy is [...]

  • Saskatchewan potter Suzanne Page

Great Plates

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Whether it’s locally sourced meat or clay to make dishes, local ingredients are the heart of pretty much every Indigenous culinary and food business in Alberta. Saskatchewan potter Suzanne Page, inspired by [...]

  • Shane Chartrand

Reclaiming the Plate

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Chef Shane Chartrand combines his Red Seal French culinary training with Indigenous traditions to offer a fresh perspective on Canadian cuisine. Through his award-winning cookbook and travels across Indigenous communities, he aims to [...]

  • foraging


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FORAGING - A CRASH COURSE As the world comes back to life after another long winter, we got to thinking about all of the canned, frozen, pre-packaged and otherwise processed food we’ve eaten over [...]

  • Marko’s Kitchen

Balkan Up

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Serbia's vibrant culture comes alive at Marko's Kitchen in South Calgary. Indulge in smoky ćevapi sausages, a national treasure, nestled in pillowy lepinja bread, a staple that evokes cozy Serbian kitchens. [...]

  • Sweet Rhapsody Bakery

The Sweet South

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Unveiling a taste of Croatia in Calgary's southeast, Sweet Rhapsody Bakery offers a delightful selection of pastries and treats inspired by the Slavonian region. Discover layered cakes, European cookies, and more. Photo Credit [...]

  • indigenous food stories

Healing Landscapes

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Heather Morigeau, a two-spirit Indigenous artist and activist, spearheads the FoodScape Cooperative, crafting sustainable urban landscapes and healing gardens rooted in Indigenous traditions. Their initiatives, such as the healing garden at Alberta Children's [...]

  • Dough Boy

Grit and Determination

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Dough Boy brings a taste of resilience to Calgary. Owner Elshadai Getenet, inspired by his father's Kenyan street food, serves up unique dough ball doughnuts made fresh daily. Dough [...]

  • strawberry pemmican

Eat Meat

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Big Stone Cree Nation Chef Ian Gladue's Mitsoh bridges the gap between tradition and taste. Their pemmican blends Indigenous knowledge with delicious flavours, ensuring respect for heritage with every bite. [...]

  • Indigenous Food Stories: Chef Ian Gladue’s Mitsoh Revives the Pemmican Tradition

A Taste of History

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Chef Ian Gladue's journey isn't just about food - it's about reclaiming a vital part of Indigenous culture and sharing it with the world. From a childhood spent playing "restaurant" to creating Mitsoh, [...]

  • Reduce, Reuse, Reuminate Short Film

The Humble Beef Cow

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Food waste is a major issue in Canada, with shockingly high stats showing 58% wasted annually. To tackle this problem, a recent panel discussion explored how cattle can play a key role in [...]

  • thesangstersawmill

Get Spicy

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Transforming trash into treasure, Sangster Sawmill elevates the art of sustainability. This family-run business uses leftover wood, including firewood scraps, to craft stunning and functional kitchenware, proving beauty can be found in unexpected [...]

  • Regina Fine Meats photo

Market Report: Meat

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While plant-based diets are front-and-centre in the ethical eating conversation, some of us are simply carnivores. Fear not! Animal protein can still be produced and consumed ethically with organic and humane practices. Supporting local [...]

  • house of kabob

Shop and eat at this Persian restaurant

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Located along Edmonton Trail N.E., House of Kabob is a longstanding Persian restaurant worth exploring. Family-owned and steeped in tradition, it's known for its flavourful kabobs and cuisine, with a small market offering [...]

  • Earth Group

For the planet

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What began as a humble endeavor selling bottled water in Edmonton to support hunger relief efforts has evolved to provide school meals globally while championing environmental sustainability through innovative packaging solutions. With a [...]

  • SAIT Culinary Arts student Erik Hansen

Rising Star

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Second-year SAIT Culinary Arts student Erik Hansen is no stranger to competition. At just 20 years old he has already competed in the Skills Alberta Culinary Arts competition in Edmonton and the Taste [...]

  • Phil and Sebastian

Brunch blossom

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Phil & Sebastian's now offers a full breakfast and lunch menu in the very popular Marda Loop location. Enjoy an assortment of chef Tyssan Hough's delicious creations alongside their award-winning coffee. [...]

  • ethical eating

Ethical Eating

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EAT-IVISM 101 - A CRASH COURSE What is Eat-ivism? Eat-tivism is using your food choices to further social and ecological justice. In other words: ethical eating. Food production has become rife with ecological issues [...]

  • coffee

Hit the motherlode

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Motherlode Coffee is a female 2SLGBTQ+ owned coffee roastery in Calgary committed to supporting gender equality. A deep rooted connection to Peru ensures partial proceeds from every bag of coffee sold goes towards [...]

  • three farmers food

Farm to fork

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According to the United Nations, the world's population is expected to hit nearly 10 billion people by 2050. If we’re to feed them all, we’ll need to produce 70 per cent more food. [...]

  • The 6 Lounge

Lady M debuts

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The 6 Lounge, in downtown Calgary, is a chic venue offering a unique blend of cocktails, shisha and exclusive delicacies like Lady M Mille Crêpe Cakes, a first in Canada. The elegant ambience [...]