With the hot weather officially upon us, Calgary-based Foothills Creamery is excited to kick off summer with the launch of six new 500ml ice cream flavours. Prepare to dig into Cookie Dough, Mango, Mocha Mountain, Peanut Butter Party, Salted Chocolate Caramel, and wait for it, Sangria Sorbet (passion fruit and white wine sangria). Included is a uniquely Canadian bonus seasonal flavour, Haskap Prairie Berry, available in July.

For over 50 years serving Western Canada, Foothills Creamery has produced high quality dairy products, using the same old-fashioned, barrel churned techniques as when they started in 1969.

“Summer season is ice cream season,” says Scott Wegener, Director of Marketing at Foothills Creamery. “We are always looking for fun new flavours that we can bring to the community so they can take the scoop shop experience home. We’re excited to launch these six new 500ml flavours that we hope will capture the hearts of ice cream lovers across Western Canada.”

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