We recently found ourselves in Willow Park Village and were delighted to see such great offerings for food fanatics all in one place. From the ever-popular (and always well-stocked) Willow Park Wines and Spirits, to local lovelies like Springbank Cheese and Crave Cupcakes, one could host an incredible dinner party from amuse bouche to aperitif with just one stop! We selected two great local businesses to highlight in this issue.

Prairie Farms Local Market was a wonderful surprise for us as we had no idea such a beautiful little market existed in Willow Park Village. Owner Zeery Nunez takes great pride in the gorgeous presentation of local products. Everything is local – except the olive oil, because, well, winter – but even that is imported by a Calgary woman whose family orchard in Spain makes the stuff. We were lucky enough to catch a delivery of pickled vegetables and other sundries from a Hutterite vendor whose three boys were thrilled to pick a treat from the colourful and juicy BC fruit currently on display. We opted for some sweet, crunchy baby carrots, ourselves (yum!).

In addition to fresh produce from local farms, Nunez carries packaged foods by area makers by the shelf load, including a honey vinegar (you had to know we’d bring honey into this) made in Three Hills by Nature’s Finest.

Visit Prairie Farms Local Market this fall where you’ll find everything you need for your thanksgiving feast – from Winters turkeys to pumpkins for your pie – all local, with no use of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics or hormones.