The folks behind TeAmo Fruit Tea in Fresh and Local Market and Kitchens have added dim sum to their offering and it’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. Chef Clement Ng apprenticed under a 30-year dim sum expert before setting sights on his own menu, which launched in the TeAmo space this spring. We were treated to the deluxe dim sum set for two with eight different pieces. Highlights for us were the crispy fish skin dumplings and the abalone box featuring meaty abalone presented on the shell with TeAmo’s signature garlic sauce (delicious) and glass noodles. Also in the box is a sweet and sticky mochi rice cake, and our favourite course, the Golden Egg Lava Bun. This gorgeous bite has that perfectly balanced fluffy/chewy texture of the steam bun in the colour of granite and brushed with real gold. Inside, molten salted duck-egg custard brings the sweet and the heat. As tea is at the heart of dim sum, TeAmo has a 30-year-old black tea on the menu, which Chef Ng says is a must-try of the selection of 10 specialty teas including the basic green with rose petal tea we enjoyed.*

TeAmo Dim Sum | Fresh & Local Market & Kitchens | D42, 12445 Lake Fraser Dr. S.E. | Instagram: @yycdimsum