Fortuna’s Row

Situated on the riverfront between Chinatown and East Village is a new contemporary Latin- American supper club, Fortuna’s Row. The vibe in this 10,000 square foot space is airy, beachy and unlike anything we’ve experienced in Calgary so far. Chef Mikko Tamarra of the popular Con Mi Taco draws on his experience in Peru and Mexico to create an inventive, inspired menu with standouts like Arepa, featuring soft-shell crab with mustard cress and avocado or Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche with octopus jerky and potato chips. Rounding out the end of the meal are specialized desserts from pastry chef Teisha Huff. Try the handmade ice cream, maize flan or mezcal sorbet. And if all that isn’t enough, adjacent to the dining space, you’ll find Standing Room Only, a stylish cocktail bar serving snacks from the main kitchen late into the evening.

Fortuna’s Row | 421 Riverfront Ave. S.E. | 403.243.0069 |