Hidden Gem: Calan Beef Noodle

When Calan Beef Noodle founder David Liu, arrived in Calgary as an international student from China, there were no hand-pulled noodle eateries to be found. This famous Chinese street food originated in 1915 in Lanzhou, China and is a soup dish he grew up with. Liu fell in love with Calgary but missed the noodle soups prompting a return to his home town to learn the art of noodle pulling from a professional chef. Once back in Calgary, he opened Calan Beef Noodle on Centre St. N., and due to its popularity, a second location downtown. The team brings in spices directly from Lanzhou providing an authentic tasting beef soup. They are open seven days a week and have franchises available.

Calan Beef Noodle | 2219 Centre St. N. | 587.350.0050 | calanbeefnoodle.ca

Calan Beef Noodle | 109, 683 10th St. S.W. 587.351.6633 | calanbeefnoodle.ca