Hidden Gem: Heart of Bragg Creek

Road-trips have become the family outing of choice over the last year and a short trip west for some plant-based goodness at Heart of Bragg Creek Café is well worth the drive. Sharing a building with a yoga studio and the artist-run Painted Moose gallery, we recommend grabbing a coffee and perusing the artisan products after enjoying your meal. All food here is plant based and we were charmed by the array of baked goods including the gluten-free hippie treat square featuring peanut butter, organic puff rice crisps, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, coconut oil, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, salt, chocolate. Our find of the day though, was the blistered tomato tartine – an open-faced sandwich served on naturally leavened sourdough w/creamy herbed cashew cheese, blistered tomatoes, spinach pesto, micro greens, balsamic reduction. It was so good we tried to replicate it at home the next day. We came close, but the view isn’t nearly as good as it is in Bragg Creek. Order online or phone for pick-up.