If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we love to eat. For comfort, joy, sadness, boredom… and I’m okay with that. With hot, sunny days on our minds, we’re sliding into summer with some ideas to keep food simple: like shopping for local produce, supporting local farmers, new seasonings and sauces to enjoy on the barbecue, beautiful new dishes for our patio parties and a new way to keep leftovers fresher longer.

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Barbecues Galore, Island Foods YYC

Husband-and-wife duo Joe and Jess Semack call Edmonton home, but they know good barbecue. Joe is a well-known, award-winning pitmaster, educator and sticky fixxcreator of Motley Que sauces and seasonings. The couple has operated food trucks and a catering company where they debuted the sauces. Rave reviews inspired an amping up of production to bottles, which they sell in small batches. Last year, the Sticky Fixx barbecue sauce won “Best Sauce on the Planet” at the American Royal World Series of BBQ Sauce Contest in Kansas City. The sauce is sweet, tangy and delicious on everything. Veggie burgers? You bet! Rack of ribs? Absolutely! Grilled chicken? You better believe it! Next time you go shopping for that big-brand-name sauce, detour to a barbecue store or local market and seek out Canadian products.

Sticky Fixx Barbecue Sauce | Barbecues Galore, Island Foods YYC | $12.99 – $15.99 | motleyque.ca