strip malls

As Calgary continues to grow and expand, so do the never-ending strip malls or shopping districts.

There are several stand alone restaurants to tickle your fancy nestled in all quadrants, however some of the city’s best finds are tucked away in unassuming shopping plazas.

Calgary has some serious eats tucked away in strip malls, and we’re bringing you some of our favourite finds.

Short Pants Plaza, southeast

Located on 28th Street just off of Memorial Drive, this plaza has some gems that have been around for years!  Lloyd’s Patty Plus has the most delicious Jamaican patties made with chicken, beef or vegetables.  A few doors down, you’ll find Village Pita Bakery which has been in business since the 70s. They are best known for their meat pita pies made with ground beef, tomatoes, onions and Mediterranean spices. In this plaza, you will also find Safari Grill, which has been there since 2005. This East African restaurant is worth a visit – try their ribs and mogo!

Highwood, northwest

The community of Highwood has a strip mall well worth visiting. Located on Northmount Drive, northwest, you can get your pizza and dessert fix at the same time. Carmine’s Pizzeria offers authentic New York style pizza in their 20-seat establishment. Beyond pizza try the classic meatballs, pizza spring rolls and arancini. Right next door, stroll into Love Sugar and Dough. From cakes to croissants, brownies to bread, it’s a delightful stop for a sweet treat.

Forest Lawn, southeast

On the corner of Memorial Drive and 36th Street is a plaza bursting with flavour. Tacos Mexico serves up some authentic Mexican dishes and there is usually a line to get a seat in the restaurant. Despite the name, they offer more than just tacos and everything is so delicious. Also located in the plaza is Sushi Toki. Everything is fresh and the rolls are works of art. Right next door is Adobo Experience where you can find authentic Filipino cuisine. Their Boodie Feasts are popular and are served with steamed rice, fried eggplants, salted eggs, chopped onions and tomatoes on the side.

Killarney Glengarry, southwest

The strip mall at 3515 Colonade just off 17th Avenue SW, has two tasty spots to check out. Little Lebanon is a family restaurant with traditional Lebanese dishes. They are known for their donairs and shawarmas. A few doors down, you can find Bow Bulgogi House. If you are a fan of Korean food, this is one to check out. Fan favourites here are the Beef Bulgogi, Chapchae and Bibimbap.

Rosscarrock, southwest

In an unassuming strip mall on Bow Trail, you will find Toi Shan and Indique. Toi Shan serves authentic Chinese food and they even have a daily lunch buffet. You will find traditional Indian food with a modern twist at Indique. They have tandoori dishes, several types of biryanis and a variety of momos.