hot dogs in calgary

Photo: Drink Tubby’s Aunt May hot dog, photo by Mike Maciaszek

Hot dogs and summertime go hand in hand. Whether you like them grilled, steamed or fried, there is something for everyone. The best part is, you can top them however you like. Keep it simple with ketchup and mustard or add some fun fix ins like nori or crispy onions. Lucky for us, some of our local restaurants have their own spin on the mighty dogs.

Tubby Bar
While Tubby Dog closed a while back, you can find a select few of their hot dogs on the menu at Tubby Bar. Tubby’s dogs are all beef but also available in turkey and veggie. Their A-Bomb is topped with mustard, ketchup, mayo, bacon, chips and space cheese.

Lil Empire
While they are mostly known for their burgers, Lil Empire serves up three delicious hot dogs. Check out the Seoul Dog, topped with kimchi, nori, green onions, gochujang bbq sauce and mayo.

Modern Burger
Modern Burger takes their hot dogs up a notch using the best quality beef. Their Wagyu Beef Hot Dog is topped simply with mustard and relish.

Inner City Brewing
Head to Inner City Brewing for a taste of a hot dog inspired by one with a James Beard Award! The Sonoran All Beef Hot Dog is topped with salsa, pico verde, cheese and jalapeños. Definitely a combo worth checking out.

Bar Chouette
The new Bar Chouette is offering a different take on a hot dog. Their Carrot ‘Hot Dog’ is actually a chargrilled carrot that is cooked for five hours and glazed with bbq sauce. The familiar taste of a hot dog is there, served with dill pickle, carrot mustard and sourdough bread sauce.