Meet Leslie Bull, Proprietor Kokum’s Bannock Kitchen and Catering

For this edition of “In My Kitchen”, we get to know Leslie Bull from Kokum’s Bannock Kitchen and Catering.

Photo Credit: Marinda White

What’s your favourite 10-minute meal to make at home?


What ingredient can you not do without?


What’s your guilty-pleasure food?

Ice cream. Vanilla. It’s good just as it is.

What do you always have in your fridge?

Milk and eggs

What would you change about your home kitchen?

More workspace! Maybe an island.

Who do you like to cook with?

The grandbabies. They’re more open to new things and new ideas. I have 30 grandchildren. The oldest is 21 and the youngest is two this year.

What do you like to make for guests?

We make a really good stew. There’s an ingredient we put in everything from stew to burgers that is what makes it taste unique.

What’s something you wish everybody knew about Indigenous food?

What’s interesting is that everybody’s (bannock) tastes different using the same four ingredients. For me, I believe that when you cook in good spirit the goodness is going into your food and creating that connection. My husband won’t eat food I make if I’m angry or not in good spirit. When I’m cooking for people, I believe the most important ingredient is my soul.

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