January happens to be National Sunday Supper Month. For traditionalists, Sunday supper usually means one thing – a hearty, robust family meal of roast beef and potatoes swimming in a rich, velvety gravy. If you’re British, Sunday supper might even be ingrained in your national identity. In fact, in a 2012 poll in the UK, people rated roast dinner as their second favourite thing about Britain. (Incidentally, a bacon sandwich landed the top spot.)

While we might be inclined to change up the menu now and then, maybe even ordering in when we’re too tired to cook, the spirit of Sunday supper remains the same – a time to slow down after a busy week and enjoy a cozy meal with family and friends. So, haul out that Dutch oven, gather your peeps around the table and let’s reignite this lost tradition.

The Cookbook Co. Cooks

Made in and imported from France, the Staub Dutch Oven is at the top of the list of coveted kitchenware. Durable and versatile, easily switching from stovetop to oven, this is cookware at its finest. The secret to this kitchen workhorse? Cast-iron, which is valued for its ability to retain heat and withstand high temperatures. This one, the Staub La Cocotte Cast Iron Round, is available at The Cookbook Co. Cooks in bright cherry red. It has a 3.8-litre (4-quart) capacity: the perfect size for a couple or small family and easy to store. While certainly an investment, these cast-iron mainstays will last a lifetime. You might even find yourself gifting yours to your favourite child in your will.

Staub Dutch Oven | The Cookbook Co. Cooks | $290 | cookbookcooks.com