Baking star to culinary gem

Kevin Conniff, the owner of Sweet Bella Chocolates and a respected instructor at SAIT, recently made a significant mark on the national stage as a contestant on the Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship Season 10.

Despite narrowly missing the first-place spot, Kevin’s seven-week journey on the show demonstrated his exceptional culinary talent and creativity as the sole Canadian participant.

Kevin Conniff represented Calgary as the only Canadian contestant on Holiday Baking Championship Season 10, showcasing the city’s culinary prowess. Kevin’s time on the show emphasized his technical know-how and creative baking techniques, evident in his perfectly made macarons and a detailed Gnome-Home holiday cake

Despite not securing the top title, Kevin emerged as a fan favourite, with viewers rallying behind him throughout the competition.┬áThe outpouring of support for Kevin is a testament to the spirit of Calgary, reflecting the city’s enthusiasm for local talent.

Kevin returns to his roles at Sweet Bella Chocolates and SAIT, continuing to explore his current and future culinary endeavours and providing insight into Calgary’s vibrant culinary scene.

kevin coniff