Autumn is our favourite season as it ushers in cool, crisp air, vibrant colours and reminds us summer is but a distant memory. We relish fewer mosquito bites, that extra hour of sleep and all things pumpkin spice. In this issue, we mix magical mushroom concoctions, dive deeper into the world of fermentation, get back to black, season everything and enjoy more time (and pie!) with friends. Our harvest baskets are full and so are our hearts.

We are embracing Autumn this year and all these fabulous finds. Check out the OUI Ridged Casserole Pot from Indigo, Mushroom Milk from The Livery Shop, Rustic Roasting Blend from The Silk Road Spice Merchant and fresh made pies from Pie Cloud.

Photo: Lee Valley Tools

Lee Valley Tools

For many, sauerkraut-making is an annual tradition. While we don’t dabble in kraut-making often, we are fascinated with how popular fermentation has become. The Fermentation Crock Set with a lid and weights from Lee Valley Tools has us excited about the future of fermentation in our house. It’s not just for cabbage, either; it makes excellent pickles by transforming the taste of preserved veggies to bring out their tangy, complex flavor. Breaking down plant fibers through fermentation makes the nutritional content more accessible ensuring fermentation crock pot pickles become your new favourite pickle. Easy to use, just add ingredients, and cover in salt and water weighing down the contents. It will burp as it releases gases and is ready to eat in two to three weeks. Not ready to commit just yet? Get your feet wet with a Calgary-based Heyday Fermentables kit for kimchi, sauerkraut or carrots. With harvest upon us, this is a great way to preserve some of those fresh, home-grown garden vegetables.

Fermentation Crock Set | Lee Valley Tools | $99.50 |
Kimchi Home Fermentation Kit | Heyday Fermentables | $32.00 |