As Calgary starts to re-open and cautiously return to a new kind of normal, a unique crop of eateries beyond ghost kitchens are popping up. Canelo’s Ice Cream is the brainchild of retired pro boxer Jesse Bartlett and his seven-year-old entrepreneur daughter. While Bartlett founded the business, he has since brought on team members Raj Dhaliwal and Miso Gajic. Together this group has created a menu that is fun, whimsical and playful. Choose from Canelo’s signature ice cream tacos, 12 flavours of ice cream, 24 flavours of soft serve, and street treats including waffle-chip nachos and milkshakes. If the signature taco combinations aren’t calling to you, create your own with (gasp) unlimited toppings. There is so much to love about Canelo’s from the bright cheery interior, Mexican-inspired treats, to local collaborations. Foothills Creamery makes the ice cream for the eatery here in Calgary which includes vegan options, and they are currently in discussions regarding future partnerships and new menu items. When asked about the name, Bartlett advises Canelo is his young son’s nickname and they wanted to ensure he was not left out of the business. We predict we will be screaming for taco ice cream all summer long.

Canelo’s Ice Cream | 3007 26th Ave. S.W. |03.796.2810 |

Editor’s note: This location is reported as permanently closed, June 2023