Look up. Waaaaaaay up! See that sweet retro dining room in the penthouse of Stephen Avenue Place? That’s the latest hot spot in Concorde Group’s offering – Major Tom. With floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides, the panoramic view is almost as delicious as the food and drink offerings. We feasted on prime rib, cacio e pepe, tuna cru, tomato salad and the cheese toast that went from unknown to legendary in one week this summer. Every dish was exceptional, balancing colour, flavour and texture masterfully under the watchful eye of Culinary Director Garrett Martin. The beef program is a highlight as are the cocktails. We enjoyed the eponymous Major Tom Collins which, with a splash of lemon cordial and a dash of nutmeg, tastes like lemonade and egg nog had a love child with impeccable taste. We’ll definitely be back to visit the Major soon.