Grace Wong takes us on a tour of Saffron Street and their much loved Indian Street Food located in First Street Market. We wash it all down with tea from TeAmo Fruit Tea in Fresh and Local Market and Kitchens.

TeAmo Fruit Tea

These days, Calgary is no stranger to bubble tea. Countless shops selling the tasty, highly customizable drink have sprung up across the city. Invented in Taiwan, bubble tea is served cold or hot with a tea or milk base, flavouring (think fruits, nuts, chocolate and so on), and add-ons like tapioca pearls and jelly. TeAmo Fruit Tea is a local stall that stands out for its use of fresh fruit and real tea instead of the artificial syrups, powders and concentrates sometimes found in bubble tea shops.


Founder Clement Ng opened up TeAmo Fruit Tea at Fresh and Local Market & Kitchens in 2019 out of a desire to use fresh produce and loose-leaf tea in his bubble tea creations. You will find team members frequently peeling, chopping and juicing fruits while steeping tea. TeAmo’s Piña Apple is a popular tropical drink that is a visual and gustatory delight. It has a fresh pineapple juice slushie base, green tea, cold-pressed apple juice, coconut jelly, tapioca pearls and is finished with a fan of crisp apple slices on top. Another hit is TeAmo’s cozy Ginger Apple tea, which features freshly pressed ginger and apple juices mixed with a delicate, caffeine-free rose tea.

For the perfect accompaniment to TeAmo’s teas, pick up one of Ng’s house-made mochi — you won’t regret it.

TeAmo Fruit Tea | Fresh and Local Market & Kitchens | 12445 Lake Fraser Dr. S.E. | 403.397.7398 |

Saffron Street

Chefs Rahul Kanojia and Jesse Mann have made it a mission to introduce Calgary to regional dishes and street food snacks from all over India. Starting as a pop-up, Saffron Street’s popularity led to their stall at First Street Market, which opened last year. Since then, Kanojia and Mann have been churning out classic Indian street-food snacks like dahi puri and pav bhaji.

saffron street

Dahi puri is a bite-sized snack with a crispy, fried flour shell filled to the brim with a spicy mix of potatoes, onions and chickpeas. Covered with dollops of yogurt, tamarind and mint chutney, the dish is finished with crunchy fried noodles called sev, chopped cilantro and pomegranate seeds. Saffron Street’s dahi puri is meant to be eaten in one bite and packs such enormous flavour it is impossible to stop at just one. For something more substantial, pav bhaji, is a combination of warm, buttered dinner rolls paired with a spicy thick gravy of potatoes, tomatoes and assorted vegetables. Saffron Street bakes fresh rolls daily for the dish, which is pillowy soft and the perfect vehicle for the rich, spicy bhaji.

As a new business, the chefs and founders acknowledge that every day presents a new challenge, but they are spurred onwards by their supportive customers. A market favourite is their rotating regional plate feature, which highlights traditional curries from different parts of India; so far, Mann and Kanojia have presented the flavours of Punjab, Maharashtra, Kashmir and New Delhi. We can’t wait to taste more!

Saffron Street | First Street Market | 1327 1st St. S.W. | Instagram: @saffronstreetyyc