Brie and Banquet

As we put this issue together, we wondered if there was such a thing as plant-based charcuterie (one of our favourite warm-weather dinners.) Turns out, there is… and it’s delicious! Brie and Banquet has been offering grand and gorgeous grazing boards since December 2017 when founder Katie Eyre combined her talents of food nutritionist and interior designer to launch her new business. Using a plethora of local products, her creations are as beautiful as they are delicious and while the pandemic prevents us from group grazing at the moment, Brie and Banquet boxes (paired with local beers or wines) have proven to be hugely popular with the virtual-hang crowd. We loved our box which included fresh herbs and flowers to add colour and flavour to sourdough bread, fruit, olives, nuts and, our favourite, the Edmonton-made Truffula vegan cheeses. With this great vegan offering (and traditional meat-and-cheese boards too) Brie and Banquet is a favourite find this issue!