Nan’s Noodle House

What started as a dream for owner Nan Thammanatr has become a reality, as Nan’s Noodle House opened this fall to rave reviews. Eahly Shirley and Nan are owners of Hearts Choices Café Market, and upon a chance conversation with Samir and Mohamed of the Cedar’s Deli main warehouse, located across the street, Nan learned there was an empty space available next to the Deli on Edmonton Tr. She jumped at the opportunity, construction started, and a vegan noodle house was born. The noodle house offers hearty dishes from around the world including ramen, pho, khao soi, banh mi subs and Thai iced bubble tea and coffee. One of the highlights in the cafe is the vegan retail market. Shelves and freezers are stocked with Thai and international sauces, frozen vegan proteins, grab and go meals and specialty plant-based foods. On colder days we like to stop in for a steaming hot bowl of khao soi, an exceptional noodle dish loaded with flavour.