Shop Local

With dreams of spring on our minds, we’ve been playing with grow kits, Alberta-made products and zero-waste items. Growing herbs and mushrooms indoors has
kept us busy. Once they are ready, we like to sauté them and serve with steamed dumplings drizzled with chili oil. Toss any odd bits into your new compost
bin completing the zero-waste cycle. Purchase any of these products through their individual websites or browse each site to find a list of local retailers.

This month our Shop Local column also features Mushroom Kits from Red Fox Fungi, Honest Dumplings, Kricket’s and Oil Jefe Co. chili oil.

Liz and Lottie

Composting has become a part of our everyday lives here in Calgary, and one we take seriously to help eliminate food and yard waste. Portable, kitchen-sized bins make it easy to toss kitchen scraps in, and we much prefer a pretty compost bin we can leave on our counter. We were excited to find these lovely compost bins from Liz and Lottie, a lifestyle and curated gift boutique in the East Village. Owners Heidi Blanchette and Nikki Maas were inspired to name the boutique after their Oma Liz and Grandma Lottie, offering a selection of products that are cute, practical, affordable and fun. The bins are vintage-inspired and include one odor-absorbing, charcoal-activated filter that typically lasts three months. The stainless-steel handle makes it easy to carry outside and the bins are Canadian made, designed by a company in Vancouver. Purchase online or contact them directly to find out if they have re-opened for business.

Liz and Lottie | $36.00 |