Primose Dining Room

Unless you’ve lived in the Bow Valley, you may not know about the nearly 30-year tradition of Pasta Night at the Primrose Dining Room in Banff’s, Rimrock Hotel. When the tourism season winds down, pasta night revs up with a fun, interactive dining experience that is aimed at providing the locals with an affordable night out with the family. Begin with a salad bar that has you choosing your own greens and toppings to be tossed by the aptly titled salad master with a choice of dressings. Buffet-style appetizers feature smoked fish, potato salad and other finger foods to get your appetite percolating.

The main event though, is the pasta bar. You choose what you want in your dish with meat, vegetable and protein options that allow for traditional pasta dishes or something creative all your own. The chef then sautés your selections with your choice of fat (yes, we would like some more butter, please) and other extras like cream, cheese, etc. Then, you choose your pasta, sauce and toppings and badda bing badda boom, your meal is ready.

A great dessert bar offers…well…you name it, and we loved the chocolate fountain with fresh fruit. At just under $32 per adult and $16 per kid, this all-you-can-eat experience is one of the best deals in the Bow Valley and makes for a great mid-week road trip to a quieter, more relaxed Banff. It runs on Wednesday nights throughout the fall and winter (except during Christmas break.)

Primrose Dining Room | 300 Mountain Ave., Banff | 403.762.3356 |