Aama Nepalese Cousine

Half of the team behind Calgary Momo House has branched off and opened the new Aama Nepalese Cuisine in Cochrane. With a gorgeous dining room featuring a great view of the Rockies to the west, Chef Gyanendra Sharma and his wife Tara Sharma bring the magic of Nepalese home cooking to an enthusiastic local crowd.

With an eye to bringing dishes from all over Nepal, Chef G has brought an underutilized meat to the menu in yak. We had the braised yak short rib served with wilted greens and poleko aloo (charcoal-roasted potato). It was everything a short rib should be: tender and infused with flavour from Chef G’s spice mix.

You can’t visit Aama without having the momo. These beautiful dumplings are the crown jewel of Nepalese food. We had the yak (obviously) in jhol momo sauce and the dish was not only gorgeous, but delicious too. The chef even gave us a chance to make our own momo as the team is planning to offer classes sometime this year. Ours were…not beautiful…but it was so much fun to learn.

Every order of momo is entered into a draw to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Nepal, including Mount Everest base camp. As soon as they reach the goal of 8,850 orders (the height of Everest in meters), they’ll make the draw.

Aama Nepalese Cuisine | 2106, 100 Horse Creek Rd., Cochrane | 403.376.6165 | aamanepalesecuisine.ca