Autumn is our favourite season as it ushers in cool, crisp air, vibrant colours and reminds us summer is but a distant memory. We relish fewer mosquito bites, that extra hour of sleep and all things pumpkin spice. In this issue, we mix magical mushroom concoctions, dive deeper into the world of fermentation, get back to black, season everything and enjoy more time (and pie!) with friends. Our harvest baskets are full and so are our hearts.

We are embracing Autumn this year and all these fabulous finds. Check out the OUI Ridged Casserole Pot from Indigo, Mushroom Milk from The Livery Shop, The Fermentation Crock Set available at Lee Valley Tools and Rustic Roasting Blend from The Silk Road Spice Merchant.

Pie Cloud

Pie Cloud owner Maureen DePatie is a well-known fixture in the Calgary food scene. Having once been a food and lifestyle writer for the Calgary Herald, she knows her food and her pies. With a location in each of the Calgary Farmers’ Markets, Maureen and her team create luscious sweet and savoury pies for every season. The French curd found in the lemon meringue and lime pies with a gingersnap crust is legendary, but this season we are drooling over the pumpkin pie topped with pecan praline and a cloud of whipped cream. Talk about upping your Thanksgiving pie game. Another showstopper is the Turkey Dinner pie featuring a buttermilk biscuit stuffing crust, filled with fresh roast turkey, vegetables, gravy and mashed potatoes. Vegan pies are available, as are an assortment of other delectable combinations. We recommend you order in advance.

Pie Cloud | Calgary Farmers’ Market | $9-$49 |