We heard a rumour that an unassuming pub in Montgomery, N.W. was home to the city’s best pierogies. Naturally, we had to follow up on the intriguing lead! Pazzer’s Saskatchewan Pub is your typical sports pub with tv screens streaming the latest game, VLTs lining the far wall and the locals discussing how the Flames’ rookie goalie is standing up to the Capitals’ stellar offense. But we’re here for the food. No need for the menu, thank you. We’ll have the pierogies.

What does it take to have the reputation of the best pierogies in town? Well, Pazzer’s starts with the real deal – cheese potato pierogies by Heritage Bakery. Then the Pazzer’s team takes over with a preparation that would make Baba proud. They arrive golden brown bathed in butter and chunky onions with a large dollop of sour cream and optional crispy, salty bacon pieces sprinkled on top. They live up to the hype. They’re delicious and they’re just $10 for six.

Pazzer’s Saskatchewan Pub | 1, 5032 16th Ave N.W. | 403.286.1500 | pazzerspub.com