Treat Yourself

In times like these, sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up. Why not treat yourself to this gorgeous little fruit tart from the Italian Centre Shop Bakery? Call the bakery to order and arrange curbside pickup. After this last month, you deserve it.

Italian Centre Shop Bakery

Italian Centre Shop Bakery pastries

Get the Scoop

In April, Fiasco Gelato transitioned to a new name, Righteous Gelato. Same great company producing the same great product but with a new name giving them the opportunity to expand into other markets and countries. With a new name comes new products, so they launched four new dairy-free planted-based flavours including chocolate peanut butter, roasted pistachio, peanut butter and jam and salted hazelnut. These flavours are on shelves in Calgary stores right now and available online. Having a gelato craving? Visit Calgary Co-op, Community Natural Foods or Save On Foods to get your fix.

Righteous Gelato

Righteous Gelato (formerly Fiasco Gelato)

Ciao from Cibo

Homemade pasta, pizza and an array of antipasti is just a small taste of what Cibo 17th offers on its newly launched Cibo Cucina and Cibo at Home menus. Customers craving homemade pizza dough drizzled in truffle honey, parmesan cream, garlic and mushrooms or creamy fettuccine alfredo can find comfort knowing these signature dishes are a phone call away. Third-party delivery will be available Thurs. 3 – 8 p.m. and Fri. and Sat. 3 – 9 p.m. by searching Cibo 17th or Cibo Cucina on Doordash, UberEats and Skip The Dishes.

Man can live on pie alone!

Pie Junkie thanks all the people who continue to support its small business and spread the word in its effort to keep customers and staff safe. PJ has reduced its store hours to 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. and shops will allow only two people into the store at any given time. Call ahead and place your order via phone for quick pickup or curbside delivery. Savoury pie baked fresh as always but also frozen unbaked for you to fill your freezer and bake at your leisure. Soups are also available frozen, in one-litre containers. Also, order pies through Skip the Dishes and Door Dash.

Discounts for Savour Calgary Readers!

Alberta Food Tours is here to stay and Savour Calgary readers qualify for a special discount on all food-tour gift certificates. Just use code: SAVOUR – to save 15 per cent on all purchases on the website – and their gift certificates never expire!

Your Place or Mine?

Make-your-own wine has had an upgrade with Village Craft Winemaker. Lori Dahlberg, owner of Calgary’s newest ferment-on-premise outlet (July 2019), is a sommelier with a WSET Level 3 Certification – trained by Master of Wine Philip Goodband (former Sommelier to the Queen Mother.) She wants to help you make good wine – at your place or hers. A patented, single-fermentation vessel keeps the oxygen out and makes superior, crystal clear wine with less hassle and faster turnaround. With 30 bottles per kit, you can drink it all or share with friends…over video chat, of course.

Chocolate to your door? We’re in!

Cococo’s online store is fully stocked with couverture chocolate baking supplies, chocolate collections like sea salt caramels and “the twelve” and salted peanut butter, and of course the always-popular iconic copper boxes filled with our award-winning handcrafted bonbons. They are offering free shipping and touchless delivery via FedEx overnight on orders over $30 in Calgary and area. Use code LOCALYYC at checkout.

Cococo Chocolatiers

Cococo Chocolatiers online store

Flock to Chicken on the Way

A Calgary institution since 1958, Chicken on the Way continues to serve some of the best fried chicken in the city. The chicken served here is hand-breaded right on the premises and deep fried until crispy and golden. Chicken strips are made from breast meat with no fillers, and even the salads are made in-house. With a handful of locations throughout the city, we flock to the closest store whenever the craving hits for deep-fried corn fritters with a side of fried chicken.

Chicken on the Way

Chicken on the Way take-out meals

Home Brew Never Looked Better

When you can’t visit your favourite coffee shop, yet still crave a good cup of joe, you may want to consider upgrading your current coffee maker or espresso machine. These days we all have a little extra time to hone in on perfecting a cup of coffee and it starts with the right tools.

Cappuccino King is one of the oldest coffee companies in Canada specializing in both residential and commercial espresso machines plus accessories. They provide service support, delivery and cleaning supplies plus offer their own brand of coffee beans. Visit the Winston Heights Mountainview location for product selection and purchase their true Italian-style coffee blend from Calgary Co-op stores.

Cappuccino King

Cappuccino King ground coffee

Canadian distributor Eight Ounce Coffee provides specialty coffee equipment both online and in its Calgary showroom. Choose from a large array of products for the home coffee enthusiast or local café Barista including cool gadgets beyond coffee brewers. Shop online for unique coffee or teacups, kettles, pitchers, grinders, filters and more. You’ll even find local roastery beans available for purchase including Phil & Sebastian, Monogram Coffee and Rosso.

Eight Ounce Coffee

Eight Ounce Coffee supplies

Tummy Growling?

The Grizzly Paw Pub and Brewery is offering free delivery in Canmore and free shipping on orders over $50 in Calgary and area. Enjoy your pub and Tank310 favourites and don’t forget to grab a six-pack to go with it. Beer, soda and canned cocktails available. Visit the website and order online.

One-Click Shopping

Britannia Kitchen & Home is one of the original stores in Britannia Plaza first opening its doors in 1955. Roughly two years ago, they started shipping product across Canada from their online store boasting a one-to-two-day delivery service. Find all kinds of items including cookware, dinnerware, bakeware, giftware, bath, textiles and a selection of everyday kitchen essentials including holiday items. We’ve spotted several ideas that would make a great gift for someone, including ourselves. Visit the website to find your perfect gift.

Pizza Trio to Go

Did you know Sauce Italian Market has a small market with pantry essentials plus a grab-and-go section? Find ready-made meals, pizza dough, pizza sauce, soups and freshly made pasta sauces available for pickup. Dinners are easy with their signature sauce, pasta and cheese. The pizza trio pack with a package of pepperoni recently became a tasty meal for our family. The restaurant menu is also available for takeout and delivery.

Italian Sauce Market

Italian Sauce Market pizza making ingredients

Grab yourself a Mexican Fiesta

When a Mexican food craving hits or the desire to head somewhere tropical due to being stuck indoors, we head over to Tres Marias Food Market for some authentic Mexican food. Founded in 2004 by owners Alejandro and Aurora Orozco, Tres Marias creates meals with locally sourced organic and natural ingredients. The small market offers recipe ingredients like exotic salts, organic corn masa flour, moles, dried peppers and tamales. Take-and-bake meals come in a variety of options as do freshly made salsas, dips and tortillas. Forge your way through the freezers and you’ll even find a few desserts to tickle your fancy.

Tres Marias Food Market

Tres Marias Food Market take home meals


One of the many positives to come from the pandemic is how we do business. Local businesses have become creative in how they run their business and we’ve seen many community collaborations emerge over the last couple of months. One of those community joint efforts was started by The Naked Leaf’s Jonathan Kane. His own tea business was already set up for online shopping, and as businesses started closing, he saw the need to help others in his neighbourhood. The Kensington Box was born. The box retails for $99 offering a sampling of products from businesses in Kensington. Included in the box is a note asking the buyer to also support other businesses in Kensington, as well as those featured in the box. Jonathan wants to help as many locals as possible in his community and so the box will feature new businesses regularly to keep it fresh. Gift yourself or someone you love a box and feel good knowing you are supporting an entire community. Purchase your box on The Naked Leaf website.

The Naked Leaf Kensington Box

The Naked Leaf Kensington Box

Teaming up for Great Steak

Modern Steak and longtime partner and Alberta ranchers, Benchmark Angus have partnered to offer an exclusive beef delivery service, contactless to your front door. Enjoy exclusive cuts of steak, roasts, burger packs and more. Included in the selection is the Modern Steak pack that contains their famous tomahawk steaks and other choice cuts. Hey, get out there and grill!

No More Soup For You!

Margaret Nemeth is known in Calgary for her gluten-free house-made artisan soups. She’s opened and closed cafés plus coffee shops, and recently channeled her focus on her Glamorgan cafe and soup shop in the Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market. Even though temporarily closed, the café offers pickup and delivery of several of its popular soups. The soup shop in the market remains open for purchase and pickup of frozen items. Find comforting classics, creamy broths, flavourful curries plus more. The soups contain no additives or preservatives and are dairy-free. Also available are vegan and vegetarian options.

Primal Soup Company

Primal Soup Company take home soup

Take and Bake

Calgary has a bevy of bakeries in all four quadrants, each with their own dedicated following including those customers who will drive across town to visit the bakery. Belgian-born Manuel Latruwe showed an interest in baking early on. By the age of twelve he had enrolled in the Instituut Voor Voeding – Hotelschool and over the next several years worked his way through the industry expanding his skills and honing his craft which included chocolate and ice cream making. After winning awards and learning about Belgian-born chocolatier Bernard Callebaut, Manuel moved to Calgary. In 1998 he opened Manuel Latruwe Belgian Patisserie and Bread Shop becoming a Calgary institution for anyone wanting to indulge in pastries. We love the selection of frozen take and bake items allowing us a sweet or savoury treat on the days we want to celebrate special occasions.

Flying Hy’s

Hy’s Steakhouse has a special takeout menu that includes its guests’ favourite items including a selection of prime steaks, Caesar salad, cheese toast and lots of other items they know we’re craving. Options include both ready-to-enjoy and prepped-to-finish at home items. Hy’s is also offering BBQ grill kits and a special prime rib family dinner package.