First off, don’t miss the door. It’s unassumingly sandwiched between Gorilla Whale’s two halves and offers the silhouette of a terrier as the only hint something lies behind it. Patrons of nearby Without Papers will find the long stair-climb to a brightly-lit space overlooking 9th Ave. familiar, but Rain Dog Bar has a style of its own. The space teems with a ramshackle collection of garage sale art and tchotchkes while somehow maintaining a chic feel. The interesting and eclectic setting mirrors what’s on the menu, which presents a grand selection of beer for the beer drinker. Carefully curated by owner and Alberta’s first cicerone Bill Bonar (Taste), Rain Dog’s list isn’t just vast, it also offers an adventurous journey through out-of-the-way brews. From local favourites to “worldwide rockstars,” this is a place for beer lovers. The food menu focuses on snacks to share over a cold one – including an interesting à la carte charcuterie. We tried the soft pretzels with beer cheese sauce (so very good) and grainy mustard as well as the Stawnichy’s sausage which claims to be the best Ukrainian sausage outside of the Ukraine. We’ll let the babas fight that one out, but it was delicious on a bed of soft, savoury purple cabbage. Also, the menu is hilarious and worth a trip on its own.