poppy seed roll

Makivnyk, a cherished pastry in Eastern European culinary heritage, offers a delectable blend of poppy seeds, honey, sugar, dried fruits, and nuts rolled in sweet yeast dough.

Find this pastry at Kings Bakery and select European and Italian stores in Calgary.

Kings Bakery

Makivnyk (poppy seed roll) is a traditional pastry that holds a special place in the culinary heritage of eastern European countries. This delicious cake is primarily filled with poppy seeds as well as other ingredients including honey, sugar, dried fruits and nuts rolled up in a sweet yeast dough. The rolling of the dough is sometimes associated with the cycle of life and most families tend to have their own version of this special treat. The process involves soaking and grinding the seeds, which requires skill and knowledge of traditional techniques. Find these rolls online at Kings Bakery or at European and Italian stores in Calgary.

Poppyseed Roll | Kings Bakery and various European specialty stores | $12.00 | kingsbakery.ca