Shop Local

With dreams of spring on our minds, we’ve been playing with grow kits, Alberta-made products and zero-waste items. Growing herbs and mushrooms indoors has
kept us busy. Once they are ready, we like to sauté them and serve with steamed dumplings drizzled with chili oil. Toss any odd bits into your new compost
bin completing the zero-waste cycle. Purchase any of these products through their individual websites or browse each site to find a list of local retailers.

This month our Shop Local column also features Compost Bins from Liz and Lottie, Mushroom Kits from Red Fox Fungi, Honest Dumplings, and Chili Oil from Oil Jefe Co.


A store with its roots deep in the community, Kricket’s originally existed in Mission and has since relocated Garrison Gate in Marda Loop. When you drop in, you will note a large variety of items inspired by travels around the world, plus an assortment of curated local items. Browse and discover lifestyle products, home décor, jewelry, accessories and these really cool self-watering herb jars made by Modern Sprout. I’m a confessed fresh herb fanatic, but sadly also a fresh herb killer, so these herb jars are exactly what I need support my indoor growing obsession. Choose from cilantro, parsley, basil, pansy, oregano and mint plus you get the vintage-inspired mason jar outfitted with a passive hydroponic system, and non-GMO seeds to get you started. All you need to grow your herb jars is water and a sunny window.

Kricket’s | $28.95