alberta poultry and meats

At Alberta Poultry and Meats find the best quality, locally sourced, antibiotic, and hormone-free meats sourced from Alberta farms.

Alberta Poultry & Meats

When Chefs Kuldeep Kumar and Sumeet Kumar decided to go into the meat business, they had one simple mantra: offer the best quality, hand-picked meat and poultry available. The chefs have worked all over the world in luxury hotels, 5-star restaurants and cruise ships, and the level of their craft is evident in all they do.

Alberta Poultry & Meats offers a wide range of fresh, frozen and chef-prepared, ready-to-cook poultry. All chicken products are processed in Alberta. They are antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and certified humane. They are cut and cleaned by experts so you can cook them straight out of the package.

We love the hand-breaded, ready-to-fry, veal or pork schnitzel. They also carry an impressive selection of lamb, duck, pork, house-made appetizers and meals,
condiments, marinades and farm fresh eggs.

Alberta Poultry & Meats | Calgary Farmers’ Market West | 25 Greenbriar Dr. N.W. | 403.401.3037 |